My Naturally Dyed Wedding

This Winter and Spring have been a whirlwind! But I’m so glad we’re here, at the start of June and Summer. WELCOME new subscribers and HELLO long time followers! I GOT MARRIED! On May 4th we tied the knot and planned the whole thing ourselves. I'd love to share a bit about the day and a few of my dye projects!

Some of you may know or have seen from Instagram that this slowed the start of my business season and that planning my wedding, which we did all from scratch in my parent’s backyard in Sebastopol, CA, was a huge endeavor for me. It was hard planning something so big and even though I prep and plan my business event season every year, this was totally different! I wanted it to be personal, beautiful, special, affordable(!!) and to look and feel like us. My now HUSBAND and I have been together for 10 years and actually got married just two days after our ten year anniversary, so we’ve had so much time together already to cultivate deep friendships, develop our own style and dynamic and I wanted our wedding to be something emblematic of what these last ten years have meant and held for me. But I struggled with planning an event that was solely about me (us) and was so self-conscious of wearing down friends and family with wedding talk. But as things finally started to come together and take shape, I was able to step up and actually HAVE FUN planning our wedding. My favorite wedding prep was all the beautiful bits and pieces of naturally dyed silk and linen that became an integral part of the wedding decorations, including colorful vintage linen handkerchiefs, mauvey silk organza table runners, my dusty rose/hand sewn/me made/silk organza pink veil dotted with tiny pearl beads, the groomsmen’s ties and some of the bridesmaid’s dresses. Plus tons and tons and tons of silk ribbons adorning chairs, bouquets and flower crowns.

 Kelsey Joy Photography
Flowers from Longer Table Farm and friend's and family's gardens. Arranged by Claire of WildKind Jewelry and Jess of Botanical Activations

Do any of you Northern California folks remember the brief but mighty rain storm we had one morning in early May? That was my wedding day. Prepping and setting up in 90º heat for a threateningly rainy wedding was excruciating, and while I tried to stay composed, the rain totally threw me, threw my whole vision and was emotionally draining - and yes, of course I heard over and over and we all know, "Rain on your Wedding Day is Good Luck" - It didn't feel like it. But we pivoted, ordered huge tents, borrowed pop-up canopies from all my maker friends, set up on Friday and held our breath. Waking up Saturday morning to blowing trees, howling winds, a downpour and puddles of water did nothing for my spirits, but everyone rallied - and I mean everyone - to make this day happen. That morning I stepped away and left it in the capable hands of all my friends and family as we girls primped and preened, peeking outside through the blinds of my childhood bedroom. We watched as the downpour slowed to a drizzle, then stopped, the tables became set, the ceremony chairs placed, then blue sky and finally, to all our amazement, SUN!

The rest of the day went off without a hitch (except my own hitching of course, excuse the pun) and I couldn’t have ever dreamed this day being any more perfect and it’s all sincerely thanks to the amazing, talented, kind, incredibly beautiful people Ian and I have in our lives! What a colorful, flower-filled, gorgeous extravaganza! I would love to share some of my dye projects for the day, captured by the ever so talented Kelsey Joy!

A Moment for the Dress! Bought secondhand, but originally a BHLDN dress from Anthropologie.
ASilk Organza Veil Dyed Pink with Madder Root!
Naturally Dyed Silk Tie for my Hubby.
A Naturally Dyed Color Palette was important to me, and while we tried for all the bridesmaids to be in naturally dyed silk dresses, it wasn't a reality. However the pink and lavender (Claire and Tina) on the far left, are both dyed by me!
Naturally Dyed Ties for the Groomsmen! I loved the dyed ties that matched the Bridesmaids!
Sweet silk ribbons for the Flower Girls and a Dyed SIlk Bow Tie for our little Ring Bearer
Naturally Dyed Vintage Linen Handkerchiefs and Gauzy, Mauvey Silk Organza Runners
Naturally Dyed Vintage Linen Handkerchiefs and Gauzy, Mauvey Silk Organza Runners